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Clans are a group of players following a common theme or goal and are a very important part of Aardwolf. Clans have many features not commonly found among other worlds including their own recall rooms, their own jails, their own donation rooms, clan bank accounts into which members can deposit gold, clan only skills and spells, clan transporters, clan healing rooms and hospitals. Clans are also able to build clan halls in which all of these features exist. Clans defend these halls from other clans through our PK system and are able to purchase guards and create mazes in which a raider must penetrate to break into the hall.

All of these features a clan must buy through donations of gold from members or a clan tax rate to help clans finance their development.

Aardwolf Clans

SHADOKIL ...... Mysterious band. No-one is quite sure who they are.
CHAOS ...... Chapter Honorary - Alliance of Spellcasters.
EMERALD ...... The Emerald Knights.
TWINLOBE ...... A clan dedicated to all-round mental development.
SEEKERS ...... True power is knowledge, and this clan strives for true power.
WATCHMEN ...... The protectors of the realm, ruled by a group of councils.
LIGHT ...... Mortal enemies of Shadokil, walk the true path!
BAALZAMON ...... The children of Baal'zamon, divided into Ajahs.
HOOK ...... A sea-faring clan about which little is known.
DRAGON ...... The order of the White Dragon, a warrior based clan.
BARD ...... An ancient guild of travellers and storytellers.
XUNTI ...... Elite group of warriors shunned by society.
CRUSADER ...... Temple dwellers dedicated to healing.
IMPERIUM ...... A collection of smaller clans known as families.
DAOINE ...... The mysterious daoine sidhe of Celtic origin.
CRIMSON ...... The crimson horde - a band of violent Viking warriors.
VANIR ...... Minions of Njord and Loki dedicated to the corruption of good.
RETRIBUTION ...... Professional raiders of Aardwolf.
DRUID ...... The great circle of druids.
DoH ...... Disciples of Hassan - clan for newer players.
AMAZON ...... The Tribes of the Amazon
SOUL PYRE ...... Evil at its worst (best?).
TANELORN ...... The society of Tanelorn - hold up three pillars!!
MASAKI ...... Lawful, neutral followers of the Bushido codes.
DOMINION ...... Monks of the realm. Mind and body are the key.
ROMANI ...... Caravan of travelling nomads, based on the life of the gypsies.
RHABDO ...... Dark Templars devoted to serving their demon lord Zhamet.
GAARDIAN ...... The Midgaardian Publishing Group - Aardwolf's premier newspaper.
TOUCHSTONE ...... Dedicated follows of the Four Stones.
PERDITION ...... Knights of Perdition.
CABAL ...... The Elemental Cabal.
LOQUI ...... Loqui.
TAO ...... The Creation of Tao.
ROGUES ...... A civilization lost to Darkness, searches for the Light to reunite.
BOOT ...... Boot Camp for new Aardwolf Adventurers.

22 Jun 2024:
Overview of new Race Framework
Overview of new Race FrameworkSummary of the overall changes for the new races and high level changes.
22 Jun 2024:
Individual Race Change Details.
Individual Race Change Details.New Tigran, Ogre, Wraith, Gargoyle and Naga races. Summary of the main changes by race - list of each race with main updates and attributes.
22 Jun 2024:
Fantasy fields goals and other changes.
Fantasy fields goals and other changes.New goal in Fantasy fields. Automated reboots started. EXP / double and daily blessing modified. Multiple other changes.
21 Apr 2024:
Automated ice-age, racechange timer.
Automated ice-age, racechange timer.Automated reboots / ice-ages came into the game today along with a race change timer reduction and a few other things.
13 Apr 2024:
New Race System - Other Changes.
New Race System - Other Changes.New Race system allowing much more variety by race added today. Other changes in the attached news post.
30 Mar 2024:
Gquests, Resistance changes, Keys saving, more.
Gquests, Resistance changes, Keys saving, more.Changes to how gquest ranges work. Resistance redo in preparation for the new race changes. Keys now save over reboots. More in the post.
17 Feb 2024:
Note formatting and more accessibility features.
Note formatting and more accessibility features.New note auto-matting formatting code and other read options. New color codes to help VI / Blind users see alternate content.
17 Feb 2024:
New Superhero area and new quest.
New Superhero area and new quest.New Superhero area: An Auspicious Star’s Zenith area and new quest (goal) in Sanctity of Eternal Damnation.
21 Jan 2024:
Blind Accessible Features, Premonition Instinct, others.
Blind Accessible Features, Premonition Instinct, others.New features in today's reboot include some VI additions, removal of instinct in Premonition, Vampire changes, others...