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The Aardwolf adventure is set in Andolor, meaning 'greatest world' in ancient tongue. Andolor orbits a single sun, but unlike other worlds, does not rotate. Andolor's three moons and several large planets between Andolor and its Sun give the impression of rapidly changing day and night. There are no seasons or changes in climate. Tropical areas stay tropical,the frozen land of Gelidus remains frozen.

In terms of geography, much of the vast Oceans of Andolor remains unexplored. Many islands exist within these oceans, guarding many mysteries. While Andolor is not completely circular, head in any direction long enough and you will arrive very close to where you started, assuming you survive the journey. Four main continents have been discovered so far on Andolor.


The Continent of Mesolar is the central hub of civilization on Andolar. Great cities and small towns have formed alliances and treaties, established extensive road systems, and negotiated trade routes and diplomatic ties. As a result, Mesolar is the safest place for the average citizen to live, and therefore the most heavily populated by the "civilized" races.

Thumbnail of Mesolar

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To the west of Mesolar, past the 'Forbidden Waters', or Banalog Ocean, lies the dark continent of Abend. Constantly in twilight, much evil is rumored to exist here. Few have returned from adventures to the West, so only lore and legend remain. The mountains and rocky terrain are fabled to be infested with every vile sort of creature, and adventurers who seek their treasure there are advised to walk warily.

Thumbnail of Abend


To the east of Mesolar, across the Aphasian ocean is the Blood continent of Alagh. Alagh means "battle glory" in ancient tongue, an aptly named continent ravaged by centuries old battles. Alagh is also home to the great Eastern Desert and tropical jungles to the South, and the waters of the Lem-Dagor ("into battle") to the west. The hills and barren plains of this war-ripped land are stained in the blood of fallen innocents, and the trees themselves bloom with blood-red foliage in memory of the blood spilled here.

Thumbnail of Alagh


To the North of Mesolar is the frozen continent of Gelidus. Contained on the side of Andolor permanently away from the sun, the continent is covered in snow and ice formed from the frozen E'a Siirima, Elvish for 'into liquid'. Across the coldest point of Gelidus is a vast and icy mountain range, where ancient glaciers and vast forests of ice stand their ancient watch. Very little civilization resides in this frozen wasteland, but ruined fortresses and retreats of the monsters who love cold await the eager hero who ventures here.

Thumbnail of Gelidus


The waters of the Iridian, or iridescent sea, lay to the south of Mesolar. Various societies have started to form within the waters and on the few islands that have formed over the ages. Rumored are civilizations which have even sprung up under the ocean waters themselves. The Iridian Sea abuts against a vast, uncharted ocean, in which islands can occasionally be found by the lost traveller. There are even fables and legends, scorned by learned navigators and scholars, that another continent resides within these uncharted waters...no trace of this land has been found, at least by any who have returned to tell the tale.

Thumbnail of the Uncharted Oceans

Thumbnail of the Southern Ocean


There is rumor of a 5th continent. Whispers about Vidblain, the "ever dark". The author cannot verify the truth or location at this time....