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Aardwolf features a Lua compiler fully integrated with the MUD, allowing areas builders to create atmosphere and diverse challenges in their areas. Most attributes of players, mobiles, rooms, objects and areas are visibile within the Lua environment. With the core of Aardwolf codebase handling resource intensive actions on the back end, and the power of Lua on the front end, we are very excited about the possibilities this will open up.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lua environment within Aardwolf, the following links are a good place to start:

Lua MUD IntegrationDetails on accessing the MUD from Lua.
Lua MUD PropertiesMUD properties exposed to Lua.
Lua MUD FunctionsMUD functions exposed to Lua.
Lua Editor ToolsDetails on accessing the Lua editor.
Sample Lua based areaLands of Legend converted to Lua.