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The table below lists item properties visible from Lua. Some properties require additional notes - they are included at the end of the table.

AnameObject name with correct handling of A/AN/THE
CharCH variable that item is held/worn by, or nil.
ClanClan number if the item is from a clan
*DestinationKey of destination room for a portal.
FoodnameName of drink type on a drink container
FoodleftCapacity remaining on a drink container
FoodpoisonedReturns 1 if item is poisoned food/drink
IngameNumber of items with the same object key in game
InsideOBJ type variable item is inside, or nil.
KeyReturns the object key
KeywordsItem keywords
*LevelLevel of item
LoctypeLocation type of item. See below for details.
NameName of item
*OwnerCurrent owner of item
*RnameLong name of item as seen in a room
RoomROOM variable that item is in, or nil.
RootOBJ type variable of top level container. Same as obj if not in a container.
*TimerTimer in seconds, or zero for no timer.
TypeType of item as a number
TypestrType of item as a name
*UsesUses of item remaining - wands/portals/etc
*ValueValue of item
*WeightItem total weight

The 'loctype' object property returns the type of location an item is in. Return values are:

OBJ_LOC_PLAYER- Object is on a player
OBJ_LOC_MOB- Object is on a mob
OBJ_LOC_ROOM- Object is in a room.
OBJ_LOC_CONTAINER- Object is in a container.
OBJ_LOC_NOWHERE- Object is nowhere (auction or bug)