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Everyone needs to have some sort of profession. This is what the classes let you do in the game. You are an adventurer by default, but your specific style of adventuring needs to be chosen. If you prefer to grab a big axe and cut your way through enemies then you probably should be a warrior, if you wish to delve into the arcane arts of magic, then a mage is the right path for you.

Aardwolf has seven distinct classes all with unique skills and spells they can develop. Each makes for a different gaming experience. Don't worry if you cant decide, you are able to switch classes and become a multi classed individual once you reach level 201. This process is called remorting.

... Warrior ... skills and spells
... Thief ... skills and spells
... Mage ... skills and spells
... Cleric ... skills and spells
... Ranger ... skills and spells
... Paladin ... skills and spells
... Psionic ... skills and spells