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Even without a physical presence here in Aardwolf, Tao has still existed, having a few devoted followers. They have roamed the lands of Aardwolf, practicing Tao, cloaking their presence from the world. But with so few followers, the once strong Tao is slowly becoming weak again. It is time to induct followers, to spread the word of Tao. The remaining followers set out searching the Aardwolf population for those that have already heard the call and are willing to help make Tao strong again.

Now is the time for Tao to have a physical presence on the lands of Aardwolf. Close to Midgaard, The Creation has started with the few current followers of Tao pulling their resources together to start the growth of Tao. Devoted to relaxation and individuality, all are welcomed to come gaze upon Tao. Maybe a few will decide to follow.

All are free to achieve their own individual goals. All are required to relax. As Tao's followers grow stronger, so shall Tao be empowered.

The call of Tao is strong on Aardwolf now, those wanting to hear it can follow it's sound from anywhere. Only one question now remains. Are you strong enough to follow Tao?

If you would like to find out more about The Creation of Tao please feel free to contact one of the leaders, or browse the website.