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The Fellowship of the TwinLobes is celebrating all-round mental development that's both the brain's right (artistic, imaginative) and left (scientific, analytical) sides.

Our members work together in three different groups, representing the left hemisphere of the brain by doing researches (not only) on mud topics, the right by holding Creativity Competetions and the Frontal Cortex balancing the other two.

Generally, we are not a pkilling clan. If challenged, however, we might choose to pick up a fight when all other measures won't help.

Being admitted to the Fellowship is not an easy task. Before you can apply, you must have reached at least level 50 in the mud, and must have completed a minimum number of quests two times the levels you gained while you didn't have the hunt skill, plus three times the number of levels with it. Once you fulfill these requirements, you will have to show your creativity, your knowledge and in what ways you make use of them.