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Imperium is a clan composed of several families, each ruled by a Family Head. These families are united under the clan's common vision of Honor, Valor and Truth. The Lords of Imperium are entrusted with the task of guiding the clan to glory. They may direct the clan and individual Families in the effort to strengthen the clan.

The Families of Imperium:

Dro'Bher- An elite killing force, little is known about the Dro'Bher assassins. Feared by the enemies of Imperium, Dro'Bher dilligently seek to rid the realm of evil-doers.

Zxanguard- A family dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the Imperial halls, they serve Paladine with sword and honor. One seeking to join the ranks of Zxanguard must be willing to learn how to actively defend.

SweetSong- The Bards and Historians of Imperium, they strive to keep the troops in good spirits, and pay tribute to the great deeds performed in service to Paladine.

Oakthorn- Elite information gatherers, they are sent throughout the realm to seek out information, and report changes to the clan.

LightStaff- A collection of high-ranking Imperial members, they handle applications, advise the Lords, and serve as a link between the body of the clan and it's leaders.

Requirements for Joining Imperium:
-3x remort, minimum level of 15 (618 total levels)
-8000 quest points earned
-500 hours online
-If less than 500 hours online, but meet all other requirements, applicants have the option to have completed at least 20 campaigns, to prove their general knowledge of Aardwolf, and life within the realm.