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The clan CHAOS, the Chapter Honorary: Alliance of Spellcasters, was started way back on a little known mud called Aardvark. It was created by Bison to give all spellcasters a home and a safe haven. Also, the clan protested against the ways that warriors were allowed to have every spell in the game, thus killing the effectiveness of a spellcaster.

Things have changed slightly here on Aardwolf, and this clan has come around once again to promote the use of spellcasters. As always, the clan strives for equality between the classes, and also to help out spellcasters on the earlier levels, which can always seem quite difficult at times. All mages, clerics and psis are welcome to join our ranks, and rangers and paladins are also welcome provided you can demonstrate a knowledge of the art of magic. If you are interested please contact any of the 3 co-leaders that make up The Counsel of High Sorcery of clan CHAOS.