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Note: This information is as-of the V3 release on March 6th 2008. Enchancements made to the game since go-live are not covered here - they can be found in the news archive or 'history' helpfiles within the MUD

Game World Differences

Exit Displays: The exits command, exits displayed in prompts and autoexit will now show closed doors. They will appear with brackets around the name, for example, (North). Custom exits in a room that are not hidden will also be shown.

Race Movement: Most races now have their own movement verbs. You will see a rabbit 'hop' and a giant 'crash' into the room. When someone walks into your room, you will also see the direction they came from.

Stat commands: For manor/clan leaders, 'stat room' 'stat mob' and 'stat obj' are now rstat, mstat and ostat respectively.

Clanadmin Goto: Vnums are no longer used. Clan area rooms have the keys name-number. For example, the first room in cabal would be 'clanad goto cabal-0'.

Perm Graffiti: There is now a 'graffiti perm [message]' option which costs 6tps. Perm graffiti cannot be removed, and cannot be set in manors/clan areas.

Map: A green '!' on the map means the mob can't be killed. Many of these mobs used to be considered 'pets' in v2 as a hack to prevent them from being killed.

Container repops: Containers that default to locked/closed will return to that state on area reset.

Bigmap: The requirement to have MCCP has been removed from bigmap, but lag time is increased. On bigger continents, not having MCCP may mean you get spammed off the mud depending on your connection.

Area limits: There is no 'newbie only' room flag. Any room can have a min level to enter and a max level to enter. Rooms that previously had the newbie flag were converted at max level 5 - same overall result.

Area Resets: When an area resets, you will see the mobs appear in the room and see them wear their equipment if applicable.

Light: Light in room is handled differently and a room can have varying brightness level at repop, not just a 'dark' flag. Lights that reset in a room will add to the light value of that room, as will dropping lights in the room. Campfires also add to the light level in a room.