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Note: This information is as-of the V3 release on March 6th 2008. Enchancements made to the game since go-live are not covered here - they can be found in the news archive or 'history' helpfiles within the MUD

Differences in Weapons and Combat

Weapon Dice: Damage on weapons/characters is no longer based on 'dice' but a formula which allows for a min/max/average hit. Average does not have to be the average of min/max, meaning that a weapon can be 20 min, 40 average but with a max of 200 - leading to occasional critical hits. Existing weapons in Aardwolf have been converted with the same average damage. This also allows us to have affects that increase weapon base damage.

Death: After your very first remort at tier 0, regular death to mobs has a 400exp minimum loss.

Incapacitated: There is no concept of incapacitated. If your hp is above 0 you are alive, if not, you are dead.

Mob Casting: You will notice mobs are smarter about the skills/spells they use in combat. Level 200 mages will no longer waste their time on magic missile, for example. Mobs will also randomly spell themselves up from time to time (just one spell). All mobs have at least one class and a subclass and can use the skills/spells their class allows. This also applies to pets.