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AardBuilder - Room Flag List

The list of flags available to builders in the room editor are:

Donate: The room is a donation room. Has no affect unless also set in a clan table.

Indoors: The room is considered indoors regardless of the sector type.

Noexplore: The room does not count towards exploration totals. Should only be set if a room is completely unreachable by players.

Nomagic: Magic is not allowed here, period.

Nomap: Room does not show the map. Not used in standard areas.

Nomappass: The map is shown, but rooms the other side of this one from the looker are not shown. Think of it as 'the map line of sight cannot see through here'.

Nomist: Mist form and similar abilities cannot be used to pass through this room.

Nomob: Prevents mobs from entering the room, either following pets or wandering mobs. Mobs can still be set to reset in a room with this flag.

Noquaff: Quaffing is not allowed here, same as some of the warzone rooms.

Norecall: Players cannot recall out of this room. They can still enter portals.

Nosummon: Most transportation spells into/out of this room will not work.

Notrap: The room cannot be entrapped.

Noweather: Weather is not seen here, regardless of indoor/outdoor status.

Outdoors: The room is considered outside regardless of the sector type.

Pk: The room is a PK room.

Prison: Players cannot recall out of this room. Portals are not allowed.

Safe: Under normal circumstances, violence is not allowed in this room.

AardBuilder - Imm-Only Room Flags

Within the editors flags can individually have a minimum level required to set them. The flags below are only available to imms as they are rarely needed during standard area creation. They can be set within your area if justified, but require a higher level imm to do it for you.

Bank: The room is considered a bank. (205)

Clanmaze: Flags the room as part of a 'raiding maze' within a clan. (205)

Clanroom: Flags the room as a clanroom. Combined with PK and OPENSHOP triggers various behaviour in clan halls.(205)

Closed: Imm maintenance flag. Room is currently off-limits to players. (205)

Fido: 'Fido-express' branch. The 'send' command can be used in this room. (205)

Helperonly: Only a helper can enter this room. (205)

Jail: Different than prison - this is the 'imm jail' and much more restrictive. (205)

Leadersonly: Only clan leaders can enter. (205)

Nohunger: Hunger does not apply in this room. (205)

Openshop: The room is a clanroom, but a publicly open shop. This flag triggers making items enchantable for members of the clan the shop belongs to. (205)

Silentspell: Spell words and other 'spam' from spellups is not shown. (205)

Voting: Room contains a voting booth. Performance reasons only. (210)

Remember that these are the base flags on a room. Various affects in the room may temporarily add or remove flags. For example, the 'entrap' skill adds a temporary affect to the room that makes it PK.