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Room Editor Fields

Name: Simply changes the room name. There is no validation.

Desc: Enters the description editor for this room.

Sector: The room sector drives many functions in the game including the tiles displayed on the map, whether a room is considered underwater, in the air, etc. Typing sector '?' shows a list of available sectors. If you need map tiles in your area not currently available, imms can create them for you. Selecting a sector will show you the flags currently set for that room type.

Heal: Sets the health and moves regen multiplier on the room, can also be negative.

Mana: Sets the mana regen multiplier on the room, can also be negative.

Min: Sets the minimum level required to enter this room - 0 means no limit. Area locks override this field - you cannot have a level 80 room in an area locked at 90.

Max: Sets the maximum level that can enter the room. At time of V3 go-live, only formerly 'newbie only' rooms use this and have a max level of 5.

Clan: Normally only used by imms during upgrades. Makes a room owned by a clan.

Guild: Normally only used for guilds. If a room has a guild flag, only players that have that guild can enter it.

Brightness: Brightness sets the base light level for a room. Most will be 1 or 0 with 0 being the equivalent of the old V2 'dark' flag. Some notes on room brightness:

  • Outside rooms receive a -1 modifier to brightness at night.
  • An outside room set to brightness 0 will always be dark.
  • An outside room set to 1 will be dark at night only. This is the standard setting.
  • An outside room set to 2 will never normally be dark but you need to justify this within the context of your area.
  • Inside rooms receive an automatic +1 to light. If you want an inside room to always be dark, set brightness to -1
  • Whether or not a room is considered outside/inside is based on the sector type, but can be overridden for specific rooms using the room flags.

Maxchars: Sets the maximum players that can be in a room. The old 'private' flag would be the equivalent of max chars 2. The old 'solitary' flag the equivalent of max chars 1.

Owner: Used by imms to enter a player name for room ownership when creating manor rooms.

Flags: Opens the flag editor menu. More on flag editing here. There is also a list of room flags available.

Resets: Opens the reset editor menu. More on the reset editor here.

Exits: Opens the exit editor menu. More on the exit editor here.

Mapexits: Opens the mapexit editor menu. More on the mapexit editor here.

Descs: Opens the extra description editor menu. More on the description list editor here.