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In ancient times, during the early evolution of the great clans, there were some that refused to renounce the old gods and their ways. These few were considered outcasts by the clans, and persecuted for their beliefs. Greatly outnumbered, and with no stronghold of their own, they were quickly captured and set adrift, to die, on The Great Dragon Sea. Ehecatl, the god of the wind saw their plight and recognized them as Xunti, (children of the old gods). He brought them to an island sanctuary, that had been prepared for them since the beginning of time. Here they were taught the old ways and embued with the power of the gods. Little else is known of Xunti and they remain shrouded in secrecy to this very day. Though never documented by eyewitnesses, the charred, mutilated remains of their human sacrifices, tell of a religion steeped in violence and cruelty.

Xunti is a cult, extremely secretive, a brotherhood of religious fanatics, where the concern, desire, or enemy of one is shared by all. Their leaders are oracles, communing always with the gods for guidance and direction. Ancient prophecy speaks of Xunti as a small, close-knit band of believers, never more than 30 strong. It was decreed to them by Xiuhtecutli to aid those who can not or will not tolerate the faithless ways of the clans. Therefore, to those known as outcasts, Xunti shows favor by donating gold for the removal of these so-called flags of shame. Only the most devout need apply for admittance into the ranks of Xunti. Every applicant must first have experienced the meaningless existance offered by the clans of the infidels. A petition for audience must then be written to Xunti. Each applicant will then be brought before the Great Prophets to be tried as though by fire. If one is then deemed worthy to proceed, the Oracles will commune with the gods (through rituals of prayer, human sacrifice, and bloodletting) until the decision of the almighty Xiuhtecutli is revealed. Entrance into Xunti will always be accompanied by a human sacrifice.

Be forewarned! Some, in seeking Xunti, have never been heard from again.