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Players in Aardwolf may spend their hard earned quest points on powerful wishes which can greatly benefit their character.

Here is a list of the available wishes.

Bravery - Will not flee the scene when mobs try to spook or intimidate you.

Duration - The 'duration' wish increases the length of all spellup spells by 50%. If you want to turn off the bonus messages associated with this wish, turn on the 'NOSPAM' command (See 'help nospam').

Exprate - Increases experience from kills by 10%. Numbers are rounded up, but, you have to gain at least 10xp to get any bonus from this.

Fasthunt - When you are hunting victims out in the wild, you will take less time to recover before being able to hunt again.

Gills - Permanent underwater breathing - does not set the spell, but has the same effect.

Infra - This wish sets a permanent 'infravision' flag on your character, but is not a 'see all' wish. Please see 'help infravision' before buying this wish.

Keepall - This wish allows you to save with equipment regardless of level. Other flags such as NOSAVE still apply, but you will never lose an item purely because it is high level. The cost of this wish is equal to 20 keep flags making it a good option for longer term players with lots of equipment to save through remorts.

Nodirt - This wish makes the player completely immune to the effects of dirt kick. Other affects that blind are NOT covered.

Nohunger - This wish makes the player never be hungry or thirsty and replaces the 'nohunger' option of quest buy. Players that already had the nohunger flag will automatically have this wish and this wish has no 'adjustment cost'.

Nomarbu - This wish makes the player completely immune to the effects of burnt marbu and marbu jet. Other affects that blind are NOT covered.

Noteleport - Other characters will no longer be able to cast teleport on your during combat. You can still cast teleport on yourself.

Novorpal - This wish makes the player immune to vorpal. Someone with this wish will still take damage from vorpal weapons but cannot be decapitated by them.

Noweb - Prevents mobs from casting the 'web' spell on you which leaves you trapped in a room. Note: this wish does *NOT* affect player vs player.

Passdoor - Adds the same affect as permanent passdoor to your character. Does not actually add the passdoor affect but the mud will act as if you have it.

Pockets - Allows you to carry 100 extra items, regardless of stats and level. This wish is most useful at lower levels in conjunction with the keepall wish.

Pockets2 - Allows you to carry an additional 100 extra items, regardless of stats and level. Must have the 'pockets' with to purchase this.

Portal - This wish gives access to an additional equipment slot for 'portal' type items. There are two benefits to this wish - First is the convenience of not having to keep removing your second weapon to enter a portal, second is the stat bonus from the Amulet of Aardwolf or other portals you may find with bonus stats.

Privacy - When people look at you, they will not be able to see what you are wearing. This wish is most useful for rangers that want to wear a dress without getting stereotyped. Note that thieves with the 'peek' skill may still be able to see what you are carrying, but not wearing. You can turn the effect of this wish on and off using the 'nopriv' command.

Rebuild - Adds a free rebuild to your character. This costs 2000qps. You can use it as many times as you like and unlike other wishes, it does not take adjustment cost into consideration which means it will always be 2000 regardless of your other wishes.

Showscry - When someone successfully scries you, you will see their name. They however, will have no idea that you have this wish unless you tell them.

Spellup1 - This wish allows a player to cast their spellup spells in half the time it would usually take. A spellup spell is defined as those spells that add bonus stats, add armor class or set a protection affect.

Spellup2 - This wish allows a player to cast their spellup spells extremely quickly. In most cases less than a quarter of the usual time. Note that failure in a spell will still have a wait equal to half the usual wait (otherwise failure becomes pretty meaningless). If a player has the 'Spellup1' wish and later wants to buy the 'Spellup2' wish then the cost will be equal only to the difference.
WARNING: Buying spellup1 if you already have spellup2 is a waste of qps, do *NOT* do that.

Statcost - Permanently gives you a -1 stat cost reduction in the stat of your choice. This works in the same was as tierstat. Each remort, you are given the option to choose which stat you would like the -1 cost reduction in. The 10,000qp cost is pretty low when you figure out alternative costs. In a single mort, a -1 stat cost can easily equal 300 trains which is 9750qp to buy. Once you've paid the 10,000qps for this, you get to use it EVERY remort on the stat of your choice. There is a new command called 'wishstat' that works in the same way a 'tierstat'. The wishstat reductions stack with tierstats and you can have a stat that is already a tierstat. Wish cost reductionsare shown when you type 'train'.

Uncurse - This wish allows you to remove the 'curse' flag from all carried items at once. To use this wish, just type 'uncurse' and all items you are carrying will be uncursed. Items that you put into a container or are wearing will not be uncursed.

Weapons - You have full ability with all weapons, including exotic. Regardless of your actual skill %, the mud will always act as if you have 100%. You still improve in your real skill also, making this a slight exp boost as well as an extremely useful wish.