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Warfare is a feature added to Aardwolf in which players can fight each other in wars. A special area, the warzone, exists for this. During a war, no death penalties are incurred. If you are slain, you are returned to Midgaard with no experience loss, no equipment loss and your hitpoints and mana are restored.

There are four types of wars:
Genocide Wars - Free for All, Last person alive wins.
Class Wars - Players are grouped by their classes and the last class alive wins.
Race Wars - Players are grouped by their races and the last race alive wins.
Clan Wars - Players are grouped by their clans and the last clan alive wins.
The war records of each player are stored and can be viewed via the WARINFO command.

The rules of warfare are simple, kill or be killed. Grouping with any level is allowed during a war. Using healing potions/pills during combat in the warzone is considered cheating because victory would then depend on who could afford the most healing items. Eating such items between fights within the warfield is ok.

You can see the current status of warfare at any time by typing 'WARSTATUS'. While a war is actually running, you can monitor the fighting and see people's % health using 'warsituation'.