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A barely audible whisper floats on the wind. The evil, the vile, the corrupt are called. Step forth from the shadows, the time for the eradication of Goodness has come. Only those who aid the darkness shall survive to stand proudly over a broken world. To stand under Njord, and destroy the Aesir.

Once a people of peace, the war between the Aesir and the Vanir has produced a race torn asunder. While most of the Vanir have integrated with the Aesir, a few remain in Vanaheim. Suspicions through the years and bitterness over the loss of Frey and Kvasir to the Aesir have turned the remaining Vanir opposite of what most once were: farmers into warriors, merchants to sorcerers. No longer attuned to the lands, the Vanir have turned to the witchcraft of Freya, and even the wise Kvasir has put his knowledge toward the corruption of good, following the path of his people.

Through the corruption of good, the Aesir will fall. Our lords that were exchanged with the Aesir may return, and live with their chosen, no longer having to hide the contempt they feel living with the weak. Red auras will fill the land, to push back the Aesir's Horde. Lady Freya will take the souls of the dead; Odin shall have none. Njord shall be appeased. The old war between Aesir and the Vanir resulted in the two being equals, the war we have just started will force the Aesir and all who stand against us to internment in Valhalla.

To survive the upcoming war, and follow the Vanir, either through Freyr's path of witchcraft and war, or Kvasir path of wisdom and enlightenment, one must be sponsored by a clansmen. Through two lengthy periods will one encounter challenges - tests of both physical and mental nature - culminating in a final quest to be deemed worthy to set forth in Vanaheim, into the halls of Vanir.