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Trivia Points

Trivia Points are the currency in Aardwolf to allow players to perform special actions and/or purchase special items.

Trivia Points can be received from questing, from a random trivia mob, or by participating in Immortal sponsored trivia games and events.

The Immortals of Aardwolf often run Trivia Games on the Trivia Channel in which the first person to give the correct answer wins a trivia point.

Here is a list of some of the things you can use Trivia Points for:

1TP - Start a war of your own type and level range.
1TP - Spell-up - Sanctuary/Combat Mind/Bless/Fly/Divine Faith (lvl 220)
1TP - Restore hp/mana/moves.
1TP - For an imm to transfer you to the *beginning* of any area.
1TP - Retrieve all corpses you have that are not in a clan area.
1TP - Add a keyword to an item. (Tpspend option)
2TP - For an imm to enchant your weapon. (Guaranteed success).
2TP - To have a pretitle set. See 'help pretitle'.
2TP - Restore all players online.
2TP - Restring an item.
2TP - Change the damage type of a weapon. (Tpspend option)
2TP - Add/remove an item flag (Not all flags are settable, Tpspend option)
2TP - Halve/Double the weight of an item.
2TP - Level 1 potion of sanc/haste/bless/combat mind lvl 220 spells.
2TP - Rename your character.
3TP - Potion of complete healing. (Imms - Vnum: 15307).
3TP - Add a new social to the game. (See 'help new social').
3TP - Change the type of a weapon (ie, sword to axe etc.)
3TP - Change 'who name' (SH title). (Superhero only).
3TP - Add ownership to an item.
4TP - Add 'nodisarm' flag to a weapon.
5TP - Floating item (aura) : +1 Con/Wis/Str and +5 Hr/Dr.
5TP - Change your sex permanently.
6TP - Add a 'keep' flag to an item. Includes burnproof & ownership.
7TP - Add your name to 'trivia hall of fame' plaque which will be in the meeting room East of recall.
10TP - Add a song of your choice to jukebox.