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Thieves, Rogues, Highwaymen, exist in all cultures in the world of Aardwolf. Some people just seem to have a natural talent for procuring items which don't belong to them. Thieves in the world of aardwolf are masters of the shadows. They can sneak, hide, pick locks, use poisons, and use many other less then honorable talents. Of course many of these skills lend themselves quite nicely to the lifestyle of an adventurer, and thus not all thieves are bad, some are down right nice people, who just seem to always be in the wrong situations. Thieves have average combat abilities but with their knowledge of poisons can be a formable opponent.

Primary Stat: Dexterity
Dexterity is the main stat affecting thief spells. A thief should always try to keep their dexterity as high as possible for maximum effect.

Secondary Stats: Luck, Strength

Preferred Weapon: Dagger

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