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When a player on Aardwolf reaches level 200 they are known as a Hero. People who have obtained hero status are able to take it one step further and become a Superhero or level 201..

This is done at a cost of 500,000 gold and 1000 Quest Points.

The benefits of being a Superhero are that although the player can no longer continue to gain levels, they will increase their powers every 1000 exp and trains and practices just as if they had leveled.

Superheroes can have their "who name" (commonly also called "SH title") changed for a price of 3 Trivia Points. After they remort, the normal "who name" will show again as they level up, but once they reach hero level the once bought name will show again.

When you become a Superhero you also have access to the Superhero spell/skill group if you have gained it. This group of skills lets you use some abilities from other classes.

These superhero skills/spells are:
Locate animal
Locate Object
Second Attack
Third Attack
Cure Blindness
Enhanced Damage
Locate Corpse
Dual Wield