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The origins of Shadokil are shrouded in mystery. Historians will recall that Shadokil was one of the original clans, but they were unique - shrouded from the public eye. While the more "right-minded" citizens of the realm were flocking to merchant guilds and "holy" organizations, those on the fringes of society - the thieves, assassins, and warmongers, saw the advantages of banding together in the interest of self-preservation and self-regulation.

Today, the Assassins Guild is a strong force in the world of Aardwolf. The Guild is the heartbeat and information centre of the streets. If you need information, revenge, or just and old-fashioned clean cut murder, a Shadokil member can usually get it done - for a price. The goal of each member is to be the best in their individual fields, whether it be player killing, raiding, questing, levelling, or exploration. They are the elite. Though there are many imitations, there remains only one Shadokil.

Members live and die by a code of honour that may seem strange to most citizens. They put the Guild before all personal affairs and will at times band together to maximize their effectiveness. The Guild becomes his or her family and no one is closer. A strike against any member is a strike against Shadokil itself and retribution is swift and often brutal. Members are expected to operate independently and be self sufficient. An aura of professionalism and maturity is required of all members. Occasional missteps of the one "rule" of conduct are dealt with quickly and harshly. A sloppy assassin is often a dead assassin.

To join this elite guild, extensive testing is required. Few applications are accepted although many are received. Even then, tests are given to measure ability and determination. Though seeming cruel to some, this testing insures the guild of only the strongest, quickest, and most determined of members. An existing Shadokil Guild member who, not only vouches for the applicant but also takes on the responsibility of the applicant and their actions, must sponsor all applicants. The Guild is always searching for those souls at the edges of society for they will prosper and become the elite. Shadokil is always watching.