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Sometimes it is necessary to make unpopular decisions and players may often have grievances with imms and/or other players. This is a part of mud life and is normal. If you have a problem then make your opinion known, just do it respectfully, no-one is going to listen to 'u r sux 4 that change!'.

From time to time a player takes it upon themselves to do nothing but cause trouble and constantly berate the administration either because they think it is 'acting cool' or generally want to hurt the mud. Often these players are tired of the mud, want to go out with a bang, are burned out or in some cases actually WANT to be banned because they do not have the willpower to just stay away. Save yourself the trouble, if you're sick of Aardwolf just go in peace and leave yourself with the option to return later on. Just constantly logging in to do nothing but cause trouble will get you removed, no matter how many hours online you have.

If this 'rule' troubles you, it shouldn't. If you constantly push your luck and stretch rules to the limit then you will be warned and if it does not stop you will BE stopped. For the vast majority of players this is just not an issue. Do not mistake this rule as a sign that we do not want to hear (constructive) criticism, honest feedback is extremely valuable and has been a big part in Aardwolf's success. If you just want to keep pointing out how stupid you think imms are and how you can do so much better, then go prove it, somewhere else.