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Fleeing persecution, the Romani caravan arrived from a land beyond the Great Pyramid and the vast Sands of Sorrow. They made their camp outside the great city of Midgaard and immediately began the task of becoming acquainted with their surroundings. By day, their traders and entertainers put their skills to good use to raise money. Groups called 'Paguba' traveled into the local countryside in search of supplies. Mistaken for the Egyptians whom were believed to have once lived near the Great Pyramid, the common folk began calling the Romani 'Gypsies' -a term the Romani despise. No outsider, or 'gadje', knew with any certainty why the Romani fled their homeland, but many whispered suspicions and watched them warily when they were near.

Some of the many wanderers of Aardwolf, dissatisfied with life as they knew it, had found themselves drawn to the Romani lifestyle and joined the caravan. As time passed, the people of Midgaard grew more wary of the Romani. Their camp had grown with the increase in membership and was gradually drawing more and more of the business away from the city's coffers. Local merchants and artisans accused the Romani of theft and demanded that a delegation be dispatched immediately to send the Romani on their way. When they finally arrived at the caravan's campsite, only the dying embers of the previous night's fires and cart tracks leading westward gave any indication that the Romani had ever been there. It is said that the Romani caravan still travels the lands of Aardwolf, picking up drifters along the way as they continue to search for a place to settle.