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The Lost Rogues


Centuries ago, we were a thriving expanding civilization. All the power, knowledge, and money that a people could desire. And so it began...

Our success was both admired and hated; jealousy spread among our peers gaining our enemies new allies and new power against us.

We styled ourselves as Gods, all knowing, all seeing, but in the darkness our enemies moved against us...

At the height of our power we were cast down, a massive magical attack the likes of which our world had never seen rained down upon us, threatening to destroy everything we had worked for.

In our final moments our own mages crafted a barrier between us and the powerful magic crashing down, but something went wrong... in our haste the spell was flawed, we were safe, but imprisoned.

Sealed away by powerful magic, our enemies revealed the terms of our punishment: "Each body is made up of three instincts: Good, Sin and the ability control both in Equality, Freedom is the power to master the Darkness and the Light within."

The mages, now with nothing to stop them, tore the very walls of our civilization down around us. Flames shot from the sky searing the land, Water rose from the rivers and drowned our cities, after it was all done, and our land was no more than a stain on the floor of the Dragon Sea.

Troika has returned to us, we must reunite, regain control, equality and balance, and then… only then… Can we be free, free to destroy our enemies as they once tried to destroy us?