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In another black dimension, the battle for the world was not won by the forces of good, and the demon spawn ravaged the world for thousands of centuries until every source of life was extinguished. As the demons fed upon each other, one Lord rose to the top, Zhamet, and deemed himself Lord of the globe, and turned it into an Inferno as He waged war upon those who could challenge Him.

But now Zhamet rules upon a shell of a planet, a black lifeless husk where the only forms of life are His Legions of the Damned, and He seeks a new plaything. Reaching across the infinite choices of time, the Demon King found Aardwolf and stretched forth a claw to touch the planet.

Having influenced the minds of many adventurers, He waited and watched as they gathered strength, or went up against odds too high and fell to The Reapers's scythe.

Three mortals rose to supremacy, Cerevail, Izzi, Rosa, and knelt to praise Zhamet, and with the power granted to them, raised a Temple to His Name. Other mortals heard the Demon King's voice, and donned the demonplate armor, now they too walk the world, sacraficing victims to their King and spreading His rituals to the those who have not heard His Name. At times, other adventurers have spread rumours of these Dark Templars undergoing a strange prayer to their Lord, before returning to battle stronger and harder, but these rumours have been swiftly met with death.

If you too have heard the stirrings of His Dread Voice in the depths of your mind, approach one of the Unholy, and request an initiation into His secrets.

Zhamet's Unholy Web Temple contains more info about theese dark templars and their ways (url in 'claninfo rhabdo').