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When you reach SUPERHERO level on Aardwolf, you can continue to play and power up or you can choose to be 'reborn' into another class. In doing so, you add another class to your existing set of skills and spells and restart at level 1. Because Aardwolf has 7 classes, a player can go through the game seven times. But, it will get harder each time. If playing through 7 classes still isn't enough for you, you can TIER after completing your 7th class.

The benefits of multiclass playing are:

... Your existing skills/spells are kept and reset to 1%, when you reach the correct level, you can practice them again. In the meantime, you gain and practice skills/spells in the new class.
... Gold, trivia points, quest points are kept. Quest weapons can be sold back to Questor. Other quest items can be 'sold' to other players for quest points using the remort auction system.
... Remorted chars will retain access to the noble talk channel.
... Online time will remain untouched.
... Second time round, exp per level is 2k, third time 3k and so on. (You can not lower your exp to level however)
... You get the best benefit of a skill/spell if two or more of your classes have that spell. For example, a warrior that remorts into a mage, will get the second extra attack from the haste spell.