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Soul Pyre


In contempt, we turned from the sunworshipping fools, blind in their ignorance and unable to see past their own beloved light. Bitter and disillusioned we mocked their false gods. In disgust we strode to the secluded mountains, far from those deluded sheep bleating pleadingly into the empty heavens. Accused of blasphemy and sacrilege, we dark brethren of the night built our presence in the desolate caves, filling the cold halls with devices and potions created by old lore and knowledge begotton of long forgot tomes. The races of the light, unable to see past their self-proclaimed radience, stood yet high and proud. Aware of us, but not afraid, they ignored the following we obtained. And thus we wait. Soon, our numbers shall be great indeed. Do you wish to make your claim to your birthgiven right of domination? Is your heart blacker than Valkur's soul? Are you self-sufficient and a member of one of the superior races? If so, then come, be at home, and don your grey robe. We have much to do...

OOC Notes: The Soul Pyre is an open clan for "evil" races. As any fan of AD&D knows, there are great drow cities and indepth vampyre cultures. We attempt to bring some of this to Aardwolf.

Let the dead winter reign, and the moonfall glow upon the pyre.