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Psionicists are masters of their own minds and others. While mages and clerics draw their magical powers from external sources, a psionic digs deep into their psyche and harness the powers of the mind which only a few know how to control. Psionic characters are highly focused on abilities which benefit themselves, through protective forces or outright assaults on an opponents mind. Psionicists also posses the ability to gather information with ease as they are able to extract the information from the minds of others.. You can not lie to a Psionicists.. Psionic powers are not a mix of a mages or clerics spells, they are a completely unique class.

Primary Stat: Intelligence
Intelligence is the main stat affecting psionic spells. A psionic should always try to keep their Intelligence as high as possible for maximum effect.

Secondary Stats: Luck, Wisdom

Preferred Weapon: Whip

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