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Originally known as the Knights Templar, the Order served faithfully the Church of England during the Holy Crusades before being forced to retreat at the end of the decades long campaign. Upon returning to Europe, the Knights discovered that their chivalry and valience in battle had grown nearly to the point of legend, and their influence and wealth soon followed.

There were those within the Church and Noble circles alike however, who knew nothing of honor, dedication or loyalty. Their jealousy and fear of the Knights grew, until finally the Order was unjustly accused of heresy and stripped of all that it had fought for. Once proud Knights were tortured in order to extract confessions before finally being sentenced to death.

With the help of a loyal squire, a handful of Knights were able to escape on the eve of the execution and flee into the countryside. There, they renounced their loyalties to the Church and accepted their new lives as Knights of Perdition, swearing loyalty to the fallen angel Apollyon in defiance of the hypocratic Church that had betrayed them. On that night the Order began a new crusade, to rebuid themselves to their former glory and enlighten the ignorant masses of the realm to the betrayal and corrupted truths of the world - either through the teachings of Apollyon, or through the cold truth of steel.