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This rule is central to keeping advancement of all players fair and equal on Aardwolf, and it is enforced very strictly. A single player cannot have multiple characters online at the same time, and multiple characters owned or played by a single player cannot aid each other in any way: no items, gold, trivia points, or anything may be transferred. Using a second player as an intermediary is still considered multiplaying.

If you use the Recreate command, your new character is just that - a new and different character. Therefore, storing your equipment or money for use by your new character is illegal.

In order to enforce this rule, we also ask that characters not be shared. Only one person should ever know the password to a character. You are responsible for the actions of your character under any circumstances. Also, for the same reason, multiple people are not allowed to play from the same computer at once.

If you are caught transferring items between your own characters, the least you can expect is to lose the items, whether 50 gold or an Aardwolf Aura of Sanctuary is involved. Continued multiplaying will result in permanent removal of the characters involved.

You cannot accidentally marry your alt to share equipment if we find you doing this both characters will be removed from the game.

The basic rule is simple - your characters must in no way benefit each other with anything other than what is in your head!