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Long ago when the lands were untamed and new, when there were less people in the world, a great, noble samurai of a mighty clan was ambushed and nearly killed. As he lay dying, a vagabond ninja girl stumbled upon him. Having a pure and generous heart, she nursed him back to health. While recovering, they fell in love and had a son. When the samurai brought his love and son to his clan, he was commanded by the clan elders to kill her since she was merely a vagabond ninja girl. He refused and was thus outcasted.

The samurai had always been taught to obey his elders without question. He could not do this in regards to love. After much soul searching, he soon realized that there is no one "true view" to life and he vowed that his son would be taught to think for himself. The son was also taught in all the arts of warfare...and he excelled as he matured. His education did not stop there however; he mastered philosophy, morals and ethics, herbal lore, magic, and religion. In doing so, the young man learned what his parents hoped he would. First, how to learn and think for himself. Second, there is no one "TRUE" path...that one's path must be found on an individual basis.

One day, the young man's parents disappeared mysteriously. They left him with a final message: ...seek for your own path, my son. Be true to what we have taught you. The young man put his home to the torch and set out to find his destiny... His hope is to find individuals like himself to bring about an alternative path for lost adventurers.