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Marriage on Aardwolf is a strong commitment and not something to be taken lightly. It brings with it certain benefits that the happy couple may share which are listed below. If you find yourself unhappy in a marriage, you may divorce at anytime but cannot remarry until either 1 month of real life time has passed or you remort. If your spouse deletes, you are considered widowed and can remarry immediately if you so choose. You and your partner must both be at least level 10 to qualify for marriage.

Taxes, taxes, everywhere you turn more taxes. The capital of Midgaard has decreed that there shall be a marriage license fee as they are concerned of the possible consequences of people marrying without careful consideration. The marriage fee shall be 1qp per level, and, 100 gold per level.

The benefits of marriage, include:

Married people have their own 'spouse' channel which cannot be turned off (realistic eh?:)
Married people can use each other's owned equipment.
Married people can take items from each other's corpses regardless of whether or not looting is on.
Married people get informed when their spouse logs on.
A married person coming into the mud gets informed if their spouse is already on.
There is a 'reunion' command. It basically allows married people to gate to each other (usual prison etc.. restrictions apply).
'Whois' will show who is married to who.
Married players can share their private homes.

There are two ways to become married on Aardwolf.

You may choose to do your own ceremony and 'automate' your marriage by using the 'propose' and 'accept' commands. See 'help propose' for more details. This method does not require an imm.

You may want a full blown ceremony in which case you will need to speak to the imm you want to perform the ceremony and arrange a time for the wedding that is convenient for all concerned.

With the help of an Immortal, you can have all the owned equipment that belongs to you and is currently in your spouses inventory returned to your character upon divorce. This helps in situations where spouses are unreachable.