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Mages are the masters of the arcane. They have the knowledge of how to harness the magic which exists in the world of aardwolf and bend it to their will. Mages are perhaps one of the most diverse classes of Aardwolf as through magic they can dish out destructive forces beyond a warriors wildest dreams, travel in a second to the far reaches of the world, or even conjure force protective wards to protect themselves and their allies from harm. The knowledge of how to harness magic does come at a price however, a mage spends most of their time studying from books and scrolls, and spends little time developing themselves in the art of physical combat. This they make poor armed combatants. Their magically abilities greatly defeat this weakness as they advance in knowledge and levels making for perhaps the most powerful characters in the game.

Primary Stat: Intelligence
Intelligence is the main stat affecting mage spells. A mage should always try to keep their Intelligence as high as possible for maximum effect.

Secondary Stats: Luck, Wisdom

Preferred Weapon: Dagger

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