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The Aardwolf lottery is a weekly draw in which players can buy tickets, much like a state or national lottery you might have in real life.

Players buy tickets and choose 3 numbers in the range 1 to 50, or, let Ivar Enterprises (Tm) randomly select the numbers for you. Twice a week there will be a draw in which anyone who gets all 3 numbers right will win a share of the jackpot prize and anyone who gets 2 numbers right will win a share of the secondary prize. The prize funds are based on number of tickets sold but Ivar Enterprises (Tm) will guarantee a minimum weekly jackpot fund of 4,000,000 gold and a secondary prize fund of 2,000,000 gold.

If there are no jackpot winners in a draw, the prize fund will be added the next draw for a massive 'rollover' jackpot! The total prize fund will always be 90% of the income received from tickets with the remaining 10% going to various charities that will generally involve things like a nice new mansion for Ivar or his brother Ravi.


To buy a lottery ticket, go to the lottery store in Midgaard which is located north of the thieves guild which is east of common square. If you know the numbers you would like, then use:

'buy ticket '

If you would like to take a lucky dip and have the numbers selected for you, use:

'buy ticket random'

Each ticket costs 1000 gold and you cannot buy more than 100 tickets per draw. There is a game maximum of 40,000 tickets so the limit per person ensures that each player gets a chance.

To buy the maximum number of tickets you can currently have, use

'buy ticket all'

When you buy tickets you do not actually receive ticket 'items'. They are entered into the draw instantly. At any time you can check your current lottery numbers by typing 'lottery tickets'.

Lottery tickets are non-transferrable but if you should happen to rename the lottery tickets will also be recorded in the new name along with any outstanding winnings to be collected.


To check the current jackpot status and the date of the next draw, type 'lottery prizes'.

Draws will take place each Saturday and Wednesday night at 6pm. You do *NOT* have to be online when the draw takes place to win. If you have a winning ticket your prize money will be saved until next time you login.

Winning tickets not claimed within 30 days of the draw are considered expired.

Once a draw has taken place, Ivar Enterprises (Tm) will write a note on the 'lottery' board stating how many jackpot winners there were and how many winners there were with 2 numbers. As already mentioned, if there are no winners, jackpot funds will rollover to the next draw.


If you are lucky enough to win a prize in the Aardwolf lottery, the next time you login you will see:

CONGRATULATIONS: You have Aardwolf lottery winnings to collect!!

If you are online at the time of the draw and you win, you will also receive a message then.

To collect the prize, simply type 'lottery collect'. You will be shown a breakdown of each winning ticket, the date of the draw, the numbersyou had and the numbers drawn. For people with more than one winning ticket, you will also be shown the total prize money.