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Leveling and Quests

There is a 15-level limit to grouping for gaining exp in order to prevent lower level people with high-level friends from having huge advantages over true new players. Methods of aiding other players without grouping are illegal, as they ignore this limit. Following somebody else around to heal or spell them up while they fight is illegal, regardless of the levels involved. Wounding a mob to let somebody else finish it off is illegal.

Use common sense when trying to decide if something is acceptable or not; it's okay for a low-level character to occasionally get some spells from a higher-level friend, but not okay for that low-level character to have access to a constant high-level spell up.

Also, quests are meant to be individual tasks, not group efforts. If you cannot complete your quest on your own, then you may have to fail; this happens often, it's not the end of the world. Again, use common sense; getting a spell up before leaving Midgaard is one thing, having somebody clear out all the aggressive mobs between you and your target is another (for example).