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Kill stealing

The kill stealing rules on Aardwolf are fairly straightforward. If you see a mob with the (Wounded) flag, and you didn't wound it yourself, don't attack it. If nobody else is in the area for a few minutes running, or the mob stays untouched for a long time, and there are no player corpses at the mob, etc, then think about attacking it; however, if you miscalculate, it's your problem. We really don't want to have to mandate precise timing rules.

Players only have the right to claim one mob at a time; if you wound three mobs then come back to kill them one at a time, you are abusing the kill stealing rules.

Also, do not interfere in other peoples' battles. By this we mean that it is illegal to spell up or heal mobs. This violates the spirit of how combat is supposed to work on Aardwolf, and for the same reason it is illegal to lure victims into PK areas under false pretexts.

Keep in mind that mud etiquette exists alongside mud rules. If, for example, you come into a room where another player is obviously preparing to fight a mob and you attack the (unwounded) mob regardless, you are not breaking the rules, but you _are_ being rude. That kind of thing is an extremely poor way to win friends... and a history of little things like that may make a difference if you ever end up face to face with an imm over some other issue.

Global Quests are NOT an excuse to violate normal kill stealing guidelines.