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The world of Aardwolf was a hostile place, with valuables around every corner. Yet, for many years no one had the ability, time, or desire to play the middle-man: retrieving almost anything someone wishes... for a fee. Thus emerged the crew of the S.S. o-}HooK{-o.

Living at sea, this shipful of bloodythirsty, vengeful pirates has only two goals: gathering GoWlD and stealing what they can get their hands on, from the treasured equipment of other clans right down to the clothes off of a beggar's back. For a fee, they can fetch an adventurer most anything he or she desires, as long as the pay suits the request. The pirates have little interest in friendships, making them quick to turn on someone if the pay is right.

Being a clan of few allies and many enemies, only those who are constantly gaining ability and power, and are ready for battle at any and all times are suited for this band of seafarers. Race is unimportant among the crew. Those who desire to hop on board must posess at least the two hundred and first level of their first class, a minimum of 20qp for each level they have acquired through their first class, and proven their strength in at least one genocide by emerging victorious. Showing the ability to find their way around by triumphing in at least one gquest is desirable as well. Thieves are well suited for the life of a pirate, and especially welcome amongst the crew. If a sea-farin', gold gatherin' life be what yer seekin', drop us a note on the roleplay board addressed to "hook" between the first and eighth days of the new month.