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How to get rich fast?

Killing mobs - This is the best way to get gold at any level each kill gives you a few coins and this does add up. Note: Make sure you get all equipment from the corpse before sacrificing it.

Selling eq to shopkeepers - Rather than sacrificing the equipment you find for a few measly gold pieces you may want to try to sell items at the local shops. Remember though as a shopkeeper gets more of a single item, it will pay you less. It takes a bit of experience and practice to figure out which shopkeepers will buy certain items. Clan shops are especially suitable as they tend to have a lot of gold and are often willing to buy a great variety of goods.

Questing - This is certainly a good way to earn some extra cash. But since you can only do one quest per 30 minutes, it isn't very fast.

Auctioning items - The workings of demand and supply are hard to fathom, sometimes an item you try to sell won't have any takers yet the next day three players may fight over the same item. Level 1 items with stats on them usually fetch large amounts of money on the open market.

Selling a Trivia Point - TP's or trivia points can be turned into a token at Ravi for a sum of 100k gp, and sold on auction for sometimes as much as 2.5M gold.

Campaigns - Campaigns are another great way to get cash. Be warned: campaign mobs are tougher than quest mobs -- but the reward is also greater!

Once you have a bit of money, the best thing to do is deposit it safely in the Midgaard Bank. This way mobs cannot steal it from you. Another advantage is that it prevents accidental overbidding on auctions through typo's. Nothing like wanting to bet 500 and adding a 0 too much to lose gold fast!