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Extensive Stat System

Aardwolf supports a unique stat system which adds diversity and reward players for continually developing their characters.

There are 6 Stats:

The value of any stat can range from 1 to 500. The cost to train a stat depends on your race and how high the stat is currently trained. The max you can train a stat to is level based.

Levels Max You Can Train Stats To
1-24 25
25-100 Your Level
101-150 Your Level + 1 for each level over 100.
151-200 Your Level + 1 for each level over 100 + an additional 1 per level over 150

At level 200, a character's maximum stats would be 200 (for level) plus 100 (for every level over 100) plus 50 (for every level over 150) for a grand total of 350.

You will be allowed to train the primary stat of your current class to +5 the max for your level.

A stat can be trained up to 350 with another 150 possible from equipment and spell bonuses.

Stats are are very important aspect of your character as every skill and spell in the game is dependant on certain stats. The higher your stats the more powerful the skills and spells become.

Players are limited to a max of 1500 points spread out among all 6 stats however. So depending on your class and play style you will not be able to max all your stats.

You do not need to get even close to the maximum 500 in stats to advance through Aardwolf and succeed in the game, but taking the time to do so will give you a more powerful character.

There are a few new commands which are directly related to this stat system.
- Train
- Rebuild
- Restart
- Forget
- Tierstat