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Customizable Enviroment

The playing environment of Aardwolf has been designed with options and the fact that everyone likes to play a little differently.

All aspects of the game can be customized to a players unique and individuals prefrences.

You can set the colors of the game via the COLORSET command.

You can customize the way combat looks and feels through various other settings. See the DAMAGE and BATTLESPAM commands.

You also have complete control over how much of the information the game throws at you you wish to see.

Here is a list of examples:

Command Status Description
AUTOASSIST NO - Automatically assist group members in combat
AUTODESC YES - See descriptions when using the whois command
AUTOEXIT YES - Show exits when rooms are displayed
AUTOGOLD YES - Automatically take gold from enemy corpses
AUTOLOOT YES - Automatically take equipment from enemy corpses
AUTONOSUM YES - Automatically set nosummon after each summoning
AUTOREC NO - Attempt to recall your character if you lose link
AUTOSAC YES - Automatically sacrifice enemy corpses
AUTOSPLIT YES - Automatically split gold with group members
AUTOTICK NO - Display a message each mud 'tick'
BATTLESPAM YES - See combat messages of people not grouped with
CATCHTELLS NO - Save all tells that are sent to you
COMPACT NO - Remove the blank line between commands
GROUPSPAM YES - See combat messages of people in your group
NOBEEP YES - Allow people to page (beep) you
NOCANCEL NO - Allow other players to cancel your spells
NOEXP YES - Receive experience for mobs killed/skills gained
NOFIDO NO - Accept deliveries from various Midgaard stores
NOFOLLOW YES - Allow people / mobs to follow you
NOHELP NO - See additional help when using commands
NOLOOT NO - Allow people to loot your corpse
NOPEEK YES - Automatically use 'peek' when looking at others
NOPRETITLE YES - See pretitles on players
NOSTATUS NO - Display enemy health each round of combat
NOSPAM YES - Display parry/dodge/etc messages during combat
NOSUMMON NO - Allow people to summon you / gate to you
NOTITLE NO - Set title automatically as levels are gained
NOWEATHER YES - Be informed of changes in the weather.
PROMPTFLAG NO - Show Quiet / Afk / Noexp mode in prompt
RSOCIAL NO - Allow people to use remote socials on you
SAVETELLS NO - Save tells while fighting/running
SHORTFLAGS NO - Short mob/object flags in shortened form
TICKINFO NO - See additional information with autotick
INVTELLS NO - Accept tells from people you cannot see
SCROLL NO - Sets number of lines per page (0 = off)