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Members of the Great Circle of Druids are teachers, priests, and judges who command magic bestowed upon them by the gods. The Druids are ritualistic and centered around the influence of nature on all things.

The Great Circle of Druids provides these services to the people of Aardwolf:

  1. Serve an intermediator between the common people and the gods.
  2. Conduct rituals and host festivals marking the change of seasons.
  3. Perform druidic wedding ceremonies. If the wedding takes place at a druidic festival or if one of the marriage partners is a Druid, the Great Circle will not charge for their service AND will pay the gold portion of the marriage tax.
  4. Teach people how to survive in the lands. (Note: Druids are NOT at beck and call for spell ups and corpse recoveries. We want people to learn to survive themselves without help.)
  5. Function as judges in disputes.
  6. Provide a balancing force between the excesses of Good and Evil.

For more information on our philosophy or membership guidelines, see our Web Pages. The webpage address can be found at the claninfo Druid screen.