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The Crusaders are the descendants of a group of goodly knights who roamed the land combating evil wherever they encountered it. The ancestors of the Crusaders, though noble and good strayed from the path of righteousness and set about to atone by constructing a magnificent temple to heal the sick and injured throughout the realm. The Crusaders, all but wiped out in a hostile attack on the temple, were for many years nought but a distant memory.. a legend. Recently the survivors of the Elder generation have emerged from exile and have set about the reconstruction of the great temple........

The interested person should then read Claninfo Crusader and our clan web page to find out our requirements for applicants. Claninfo Crusader will always be the most up to date. After the applicant has filed their application they will be contacted by someone on our application committee to have our application process explained in more depth.

After the applicant has completed the application process the hopeful will then be given a crusade to embark on to prove his/her worth. The Crusade shall involve the acquisition of some item, and also a description of the room/mob/container/area it was located in to prove the person was actually there and did not just happen upon the item at auction. After the crusade is successful and all clan members are satisfied the new member shall be taken in as a ward to learn the ways of the clan.