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Boot Camp


Boot Camp is, in essence, a clan made up of new players. Based on the idea of helping the Aardwolf Helpers, this clan will take in new players and help them learn until they decide to become teachers or are ready to move on to bigger and better things, while giving them a chance to learn about clan life.

We have a small application process for anyone who has not tiered, is at least level 15 and has completed the Academy. Anyone who has tiered (be it while in the clan, or out of the clan) will go through a different application process to become "staff" and assist with helping the new people who come into the clan.

Applicants should, if possible, read the clan web page listed in the claninfo (claninfo boot). Reading 'help PK', 'help boot' and the drawbacks section of 'help newbie clan' will be required as well.

Applications must be made by a note posted to the Personal board an addressed to Boot. Once processed you will receive a welcome not detailing the requirements for joining and then you should seek out Boot Members of Rank 5 or above (Drill Sergeant, Spec Ops or General) to interview you. ROSTER Boot 2 and SWHO 2 Boot can help identify active members of the right rank.

Applications for "staff" roles must again be made by note to the Personal board to the clan leaders. You will be required to demonstrate a strong knowledge of the MUD as well as a desire to help newbies.