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Auction System

There are two automated auction systems in place on Aardwolf. One being for normal equipment items and the second being for special quest equipment.

The first one for normal equipment runs 24/7 and you can place items on the auction block any time for others to bid on or you can check out the list of currently auctioned items and bid on something that you desire. This system uses gold as the currency for bidding.

The second system is referred to as a remort auction and is tied in with the remort aspect of the game. This auction allows the special quest equipment that can be purchased by questing to be auctioned. The currency on this auction is in quest points not gold and these auctions only take place when a superhero has choose to remort and decides to auction off some of their special equipment which they do not wish to carry through the remort process. This auction has its own unique channel and only one special item is ever auctioned at the same time and you will see all bids on it.