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Buried deep in the Amazon forest dwells the people of the Amazon. Many civilizations have tried but have ultimately failed to overtake these forest inhabitants.

The people of the Amazon are spread across the jungle floor from the river basin to the mountain tops. Many have bound together and others have broken into other Tribes but no matter how different each of the tribes views are they all manage to band together when a threat becomes imminent.

Though there are many, there are four primary tribes that dominate the land. The main tribe is the Yanomami, who believe in equality among their people. They share almost everything within the tribe and their decisions affecting the tribe are made with a consensus that often takes days to hear every ones opinion. The Caboclos, depend upon their selves only. They use the secrets of the forest to capture food, maintain a lifestyle, and also defend themselves from any outside threat. The Witotos, the warriors of the forest. This hostile tribe shows no mercy, they have been known to take captive of other tribe members for their own to make them stronger. One would be wise not to cross their path. The Kayapos, a highly evolved tribe that utilizes the forest for practical uses such as medicine, food, and other supplies. They trade heavily with other tribes for beneficial reasons.